About Us

My wife Traci  and I are not retired, but are not leading the conventional 9 to 5 life either. We sold (or put in storage or gave away) all of our possessions except our cats, some clothes and what little we truly need with us (laptop, IPad, Ipod, Magic Jack, etc.). Now we are are packed up in our 1996 Chevy Blazer and on the road exploring. Most of our time, since this adventure started on 3/1/2013 has been spent in Mexico. Take a look at the Picture Gallery, and check in on this blog (or sign up for email updates) to see where we are and what we see as we Make Tracks.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kelly

    You both look so cute! Hope you’re doing well, the travels are very well documented. Keep the details coming on where one can find an adult beverage now and then!


    1. rhummel1203 Post author

      AH! A kindred spirit :-)! I admire that you have cleaned out the storage space already. We haven’t gotten to that step yet. We are thinking about a spring trip from SMA up the east coast to hang out in Nova Scotia for the summer and west to see family (in Illinois and Wisconsin) in the fall. Maybe we can get it done then.



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