It’s 2 days from Thanksgiving, and less than 24 hours until we take a shuttle to the Leon Airport for a flight back home. We’ll land at O’Hare Wednesday night, grab a rental car, and head north to see Traci’s family in Wisconsin. There will be lots of great food, and it will be great to see the in-laws (truly……no sarcasm).

There will also be a lot of things back in the States that I no longer care about and some I never did. The latest television reality show, the latest pop phenom or scandal, and the measuring of place in the society of consumption are among the latter. NFL football is among the former.

There are definitely things I miss about the States when I am here in Mexico. Likewise, there is much I miss about Mexico when we are north of the border. This past Saturday night we strolled to the Jardin (literally translated it means “the Garden” and it is essentially a small park-like town square) with no real expectation of what we would find. This is what we found, and it’s a great example of what I miss when we aren’t here. There is a joyous celebration of life and culture around every turn.





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