Tired or Inspired? All the Way to Memphis…..

I haven’t had the desire to post anything for awhile, and have been struggling to figure out why. Is it because we’re just tired of the miles (about 5000 since we left Rosarito)? Is it the slog of dragging 3 cats, litter box, food and toys along with our lesser personal trappings into and out of rental homes and hotels? Is it self doubt about the choice of this lifestyle? Is it that coming across the Great Plains through territory we have lived in and traveled again and again provides no inspiration? Seeing family back in the midwest has been great, but it is more of an exchange of affection and recounting of stories than a source of revelation. As we head south towards a four month plus stay in San Miguel I feel inspired to post……but that makes me wonder…..about the nature and source of inspiration?

Does nostalgia create inspiration? Two nights ago we stayed in Champaign, Illinois. Inspiring nostalgia? Well, my older brother played trombone in the Fighting Illini Marching Band, and I saw “Being There” at a theatre on Green Street on a memorable Halloween weekend decades ago. Most importantly I saw my first Springsteen concert in ’78 at the Assembly Hall in Champaign and it was a spiritual 4 hour experience I’ll never forget. Great memories? Yes. Inspriration to post? No.

Is arriving where we have never been inspiration? It can be…..especially if it’s a pleasant surprise. Last night we stayed in Paducah, Kentucky….a place we’d never been. A town just across the Ohio River from the southern tip of Illinois, it’s home to approximately 25,000 people. It’s an early 19th century river town steeped in history, and a 12 square block downtown has been beautifully preserved. Most of the buildings have stood for more than 150 years and have the feel of a cross between downtown Galena and the French Quarter. Pretty inspiring…..until you leave those few cobblestone streets and drive across miles of cookiecutter corporate chain sprawl to where the multiple “Suites Hotels” sit one after another after another. In fact there seem to be way too many for a town this size to support. That is until you realize that the largest “gaseous diffusion plant” in the USA is just outside of town and produced enriched uranium there from 1952 to 2013. No doubt the DOE officials that have been running it since the 80’s would probably prefer to bring their own drinking water and visit in short stays. Definitely not inspiring and a good reason to enjoy our bottled water……and wait until the next town to shower.

Is anticipation inspiring? It very well can be. We are eleven days from our scheduled arrival in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and I have found it inspiring every time we have been there. Tonight we will be in Memphis and will stay for two nights. Maybe a little blues music will fill the night air. Maybe Elvis really is alive. Maybe we’ll catch the King down in the Jungle Room for a little inspiration.



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